Flow Wrappers

Efficiency at its prime. Flow wrapper machines continuously wrap and packages your products by performing three tasks at a time -- forms a bag, fills it with your product and then seals it. You can trust flow wrapper machines with consistency. It creates a protective covering on your product every time. Extending your product’s shelf-life while looking market-ready with its professional appearance.

Flow wrapping is ideal for a variety of items such as baked goods, pet foods, supplements, and even some medical equipment. Whether you have a small-production business or manufacture large quantities of products, we have a variety of flow wrap machines that will fit your needs.

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  • Accommodates various product dimensions
  • Up to 120 bags per minute
  • Infeed and discharge conveyor
  • Zig-zag end seal cut for easy opening
  • End of film detection to stop the machine automatically
  • Photocell for indexing printed films
  • Independent temperature controllers for fin and end seals