Semi-Automatic Tray Sealers

Semi-automatic tray sealers are almost identical to your automatic model, yet more compact and are used for lower production needs. They are still a favourite for businesses, most commonly in the food markets. These machines can package your products efficiently with a variety of film materials that adhere to various trays.

Semi-automatic tray sealers ensure you can package your goods to keep the freshness inside. Whether that’s with modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) or low, medium, or high oxygen barrier film, your product will get to your customers exactly how you intended.

Speak with a packaging consultant today to see if a semi-automatic tray sealer is right for your business.

  • Semi-automated & fully automated solutions available
  • Custom tooling
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging
  • Skin Packaging
  • Peel tabs
  • Micro perforation for fresh sealing applications
  • Photo-cell for printed films
  • Automated and manual film scrap removal available