Tabletop Tray Sealers

Tabletop tray sealers are an excellent, cost-effective choice for small production needs. They fit conveniently on any tabletop surface and can be moved with ease. Despite only offering a hermetic seal (straight seal) option, these machines offer variety when it comes to film materials and tray types.

Similar to the semi-automatic and automatic tray sealers, the tabletop version will still ensure you can package your goods to your business needs.

Speak with a packaging consultant today to see if a tabletop automatic tray sealer is right for your business.

  • Semi-automated & fully automated solutions available
  • Custom tooling
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging
  • Skin Packaging
  • Peel tabs
  • Micro perforation for fresh sealing applications
  • Photo-cell for printed films
  • Automated and manual film scrap removal available