Box Pouch

The flat bottom, or box pouch, is here to get you excited about your branding and shelf-display potential. With four side panels, there is more surface area to better capture your customer’s attention. At the same time, the box-shaped bottom gives the bags that extra stability on shelves.

The box pouch pattern is perfect for packing products like coffee, granola, powders, snacks and dried goods, keeping them fresh as can be. No limits on customizations either, as we understand specific products require specific features, check out the list below.

Our packaging consultants are here to help you create the perfect box pouch for your products. Call our Sales Centre today for more information!

  • Zippers
  • Tear notches
  • Hang holes
  • Product window
  • Valves
  • Gloss or matte finishes
  • Laser scoring
  • All laminate structures available depending on your products requirements