We offer a number of comprehensive packaging services to help you with all stages of your packaging production -- big or small. From packaging consultation and warehousing to equipment maintenance and financing. We are committed to ensuring your packaging needs are not only met but are always on track with fewer interruptions.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Regular, ongoing maintenance is a priority for keeping equipment running smoothly. We look for machine faults before they become a problem. Overall, reducing equipment downtime and ensuring maximum output.

Breakdown Service

Equipment breakdowns are never fun, which is why our service technicians are available to help with either remote support or can be dispatched to you. Getting you back to normal operations as quickly as possible.


We are committed to the longevity of your packaging equipment, and with that, sometimes parts need to be switched out. We can help maintain the original quality of your machine by providing you with replacement parts from our large parts inventory. Now your equipment can keep operating well into the future.

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Additional Services

Equipment Rental

Short term equipment rentals are available by request for when your own equipment is in for servicing. That way, you can keep your production going and your customers happy. Speak with a packaging consultant about our rental options.

Packaging Consultation

We’ve been in the business for a long time and have met just about every packaging need out there. Our consultants can match your product with the perfect packaging solution -- saving you the time and the resources. Book your consultation today!

Packaging Design

Designing a brand new package or updating an older SKU can be a daunting task. Our design team can work with you based on any preliminary design concepts, or we can go one step further and design the entire package from scratch for you.

Equipment Financing

Expanding your business isn’t always just buying new or bigger equipment. Marketing, labour and consumables can all add up. If you’re looking for a way to keep your capital working for the other sides of the business, we can help.


In need of storage? We offer warehousing solutions so you can take advantage of the higher-order benefits, without having to store your inventory. Our warehousing services can also mitigate lead times by having us store your products and delivering them to your customers as they are needed.


Getting your packaging, equipment or parts delivered is no issue. We provide an in-house delivery service to Greater Vancouver. If you operate outside of this area, we can organize product delivery through one of our preferred delivery partners. Have your own delivery partner? No problem!