Single Chamber Vacuum Sealers

A long-lasting, low-footprint machine for medium to large-scale production. Single chamber vacuum sealers are suitable for those bigger items that need to be reliably sealed. Pressure-controlled vacuuming ensures evacuation and gas flushing processes are consistent and airtight every time. Customize with various lids, pump outputs, modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and other features.

Single chamber vacuum sealers are easy to use and easy to clean machines that have castors for convenient relocation. The size and capabilities of these vacuum sealers are fitting for large restaurants, production kitchens or for manufacturing purposes.

Speak with a Packaging Consultant to see if this equipment is right for your business!

  • Twin seal bars from 19.1 – 33.5” long
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging
  • Tilted Inserts for liquid products
  • ~30 second cycle time
  • Programmable
  • Bi-Active sealing
  • Various lid configurations
  • Castors