Introducing FeedPak.

Food insecurity is a significant and growing concern.

Families feeling the effects from rising costs and inflation are having to decide between paying bills or getting groceries.

Food banks are working to meet the need, but often find themselves in need of nutritious food to restock their pantries.

Often, it can be challenging for small or local businesses to extend resources.

With this in mind, we created FeedPak.

The goal of FeedPak is to lower the barriers for companies that would like to donate, but simply don’t have the means to do so.

This program aims to maximize contributions to create a bigger impact than one company can alone.

Through FeedPak, we partner with our wonderful clients and great food charity organizations throughout Canada to fill in the gap in a flexible and scalable way, starting locally.

Together, we can supply more food to more people in need.

Our Goals

We strive to provide a steady supply of quality food so there is less concern of a food shortage in our neighborhoods.

We aim to support local food banks and other partners in increasing their capabilities to help those who reach out to them.

We aspire to donate 1000 packages of food in the first year of FeedPak and then continue to scale from there.

Two Ways to Donate:

Food Donation Program

We’ll organize collection and delivery of donated packages to the food bank and provide a $2 credit per package you donate.

FeedPak Logo Program

Print the FeedPak logo on your packaging and we’ll discount 2.5% of your order and donate this amount to the food bank.
FeedPak Impact


Food Items Donated

Partnering with Richmond Food Bank

We want FeedPak to start locally, and the Richmond Food Bank is the perfect local partner. The Richmond Food Bank supports food donations to 2,200 people, supplying grocery delivery for those struggling financially or are unable to go to the store.

As a charity that isn’t government-run or funded, they rely wholly on community donations and partnerships for distribution as the need arises.

Want to make a meaningful impact?

Contact us about our program below or reach out to with any questions.

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