Gusseted Poly Bags

Poly bags with a side or bottom gusset have additional folds that provides a different shape for added product volume. Don’t need a heat seal? Resealable lip options are also available for quick and easy packaging.

These lightweight poly bags are also ideal for bread loafs, pastries, and even fruits and veggies. Bread bags are widely used in supermarkets and bakeries for bread and pastries ready for the aisles, or perforated poly bags with handles can work great for produce in the grocery store.

Custom printed gusseted poly bags help your product stand out on the shelves with additional surface area for better branding. Contact our team today to enquire about a fully printed solution.

  • On a wicket
  • Die-cut handle
  • Perforated roll (PTO rolls)
  • Recloseable lip
  • Matte or gloss finish
  • Product window
  • Bags with perforated tear-off
  • Hang holes
  • Perforated film

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