Spout Pouch

Have a liquid product that needs packaging? Look no further! The added convenience and food safety benefits of our spout pouches are perfect for baby food, honey, sauces, energy drinks, juices, cosmetics or even cleaning supplies.

This flexible packaging option is an excellent replacement for the traditional rigid plastic that adds bulk and weight, allowing cost savings on shipping and transport. Spout pouches also contribute to sustainability with their energy savings and space-efficiency.

Gone are the days of untimely expiration of your products. Not only do spout pouches add greater user control, but they also allow for a longer shelf life. Our packaging experts are here to help you find the best-suited spout pouch design and format for you.

  • Rounded corners
  • Product window
  • Gloss or matte finishes
  • Variable bottom gusset formats available
  • A variety of spout sizes and shapes
  • All laminate structures available (depending on your products requirements)