Thermoforming machines are great for high-volume output used for a wide variety of food & medical products. The thermoforming process is done by feeding rollstock film into the automated horizontal form-fill-and-seal (HFFS) equipment. Flexible or semi-rigid film is then heated and formed into the packaging moulds, such as trays or cups.

These thermoformers are100% stainless steel, so they are easy to clean and maintain. With programmable settings, these machines can flexibly be set to fit your production needs.

Speak with a packaging consultant to learn more about our thermoforming machines. It could be just what you need for your business!

  • Motorized Exit Conveyor
  • 8-10 cycles per minute
  • Flexible & Semi-Rigid Film
  • Automatic Film Trim Rewinder
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging
  • Perimetric Sealing
  • Skin Packaging
  • Various tooling dimensions available
  • Film synchronization for printed films
  • Inline date/lot coding printer