We have been in the business for over 50 years, and we are proud to say we know packaging.

FoodPak was established in Vancouver, BC in 1968 as a small, family run business. Since then, we have spent our years finding partners that cover all areas of the packaging cycle. Whether choosing from a custom run of digital vs. conventional printing, trays vs. pouches, or tray sealers vs. thermoformers, we believe in finding a specific solution that fits you… not us.

Your packaging is the first and most meaningful interaction a consumer will have with your product.

The design is key for shelf-appeal, but there is so much more to a package. That’s the product itself. How it’s packed, shipped, sold, and consumed; all are equally important when considering your individual packaging solution. We provide solutions that can grow with your business so that your packaging can keep up with your success.

Packaging matters.


Environment Matters

We believe packaging matters, and with that, so does the environment. This is why FoodPak is a proud member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. is the packaging industry’s leading voice when it comes to sustainability, encouraging both eco-friendly packaging and sustainable business practices. Based on their recommendations and our own research, we are continually making efforts to be more sustainable in all areas of our business operations and consult throughout the supply chain for best practices. And guess what? That includes you!

We are all working towards a cleaner and more sustainable packaging cycle, but the movement involves more than just new, eco-friendly product structures. We need to obtain and share the most accurate information possible with our customers and end-users.

Our shared goal is to ensure all packaging is ending up at the appropriate facility. To achieve our goal, consumers, food and consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers and packaging suppliers all need to work together and do their part.

As consumers, we need to be aware of what programs we have in our cities and what our respective recycling and composting depots are capable of. As food and CPG producers we need to clearly and appropriately label our products so they can end up at the right facilities. Finally, all packaging providers must ensure they’re providing the most accurate information about their product’s own properties.

The Sustainable Packaging Coalition launched the How2Recycle initiative, which aims to educate suppliers, manufacturers and end-users on recycling claims and programs. Most plastic bags and wraps do not qualify for curb side recycling, but can be returned through the Store Drop-off program at participating locations.

Reach out to us! We will work with you to find you a unique packaging solution with sustainability in mind.

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