Produce Packaging

Fresh fruit and vegetable packaging.

The packaging of produce is in high demand these days, especially for that grab-and-go convenience. We will see to it that your fruits and vegetables are packaged with the ultimate freshness in mind. Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and oxygen-permeable structures ensure that a mixture of beneficial gases surrounds the fruit or vegetables and that oxygen can still get in with the primary purpose of keeping the produce crisp and tasting great.

Choose from a variety of packaging options such as vertical film, cups, trays, and more. With so many options, we’re sure to have your product looking and tasting great.

Get in contact today! Our packaging consultants are here to help you with your product’s optimal freshness and convenience.

Group shot of printed packaging for fruit and vegetables
Custom printed poly bag for potatoes

Produce specific packaging


Product window

Bags with perforated tear-off

Perforated film

Matte or gloss finish

Perforated roll (PTO rolls)

Recloseable lip

Die-cut handle

On a wicket

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