Packaging for Red Meat

Fresh ideas for fresh meats.

Looking to up your packaging game? We’d love to help! Here at FoodPak, we have extensive experience over the years with the packaging of fresh and frozen meats. Our goal is to help you extend the shelf life of your product and to keep it looking great.We have a variety of packaging with various moisture and oxygen barrier capabilities that will do just that, along with custom printing services to personalize your packaging.

Whether you’re sealing your meats in trays, in vacuum bags, or you’re packing them up in casings, we can provide you with the packaging and equipment to bring your production to the next level.

Packaging options for red meat products
Packaging features with meat slices in a thermoformed package

Red meat packaging


Fully printed, customizable solutions

Options for fresh and frozen products

High oxygen and moisture barrier

Durable bags for bone-in product

Airtight seal to preserve freshness & prevent leakers

Heat-resistant sous vide bags

Equipment for the Meat Industry