Snack Packaging

Chip bags, chocolate wrappers, and bags for nuts.

Snacks can be crunchy, soft, smooth, flavourful, bite-sized, or even handheld. The list goes on, but whatever the snack you’ve perfected, we want to make sure it gets to your customers exactly how you intend. This is why we have grown our snack packaging offerings to encompass a range of styles and types to best suit your snack products.

The top priority is ensuring your product’s needs are met. Everything from staying intact to tasting how it should, while keeping customers coming back for more. Along with that, our high-quality printing methods help your snack be the star on the store shelves.

Chip bags, buts, pretzels and chocolate bars wrapped in plastic flexible packaging
Custom printed lay-flat pouch with pretzels

Snack specific packaging



Tear notches

Hang holes

Product window

Matte or gloss finishes

Laser scoring

Snack Related Equipment