Jerky Packaging

Packaging for beef jerky and beyond.

Jerky, the most famous road trip food. This is when the need for a high-quality bag really comes into play. When choosing your packaging, for jerky and cured meat products, the freshness and shelf-life must be top of mind.

Here at FoodPak, we can supply you with a high-oxygen, moisture barrier bag that will keep your product tasting fresh, even after shipping, shelving, and getting into the hands of road trippers across the country. Not only that, but we also have state-of-the-art print capabilities for that extra eye-catching quality while on shelves.

Take a look at our best-suited packages for jerky and similar products below. Better yet, call our packaging consultants to get your product matched to its perfect package.

Jerky in a varitey of pouches
Custom printed packaging for jerky with listed bag features

Jerky specific packaging



Product windows

Matte or gloss finish

Tear notches

Hang holes

Jerky Related Equipment