Reepack BT-1000

Automate your business with a high-quality belted chamber vacuum sealer. The conveyor belt allows you to load your product at one end, where it is then advanced into the vacuum cycle and then sent to the unloading portion of the machine for unload. These machines can also be used in conjunction with belted shrinking and drying tunnels for further automation.

The pressure-controlled vacuum ensures evacuation and gas flushing processes are consistent and airtight every time.

The Reepack BT-1000 is made from stainless steel, features a Busch 305m3/h (12 hp) pump, (2) 1000mm seal bars, and a digital control panel that can store up to 10 different programs.

  • Seal Bar Length (a): 2 x 1000mm
  • Distance between the bars (b): 800mm
  • Chamber Height: 250mm
  • Busch 305m3/h (12.0 hp) vacuum pump
  • Overall control by micro PLC with 10 storable programs
  • Bi-active sealing
  • Independent control of seal bars
  • Cycle include pre-sealing phase to remove fats or fluids from the sealing area
  • Pneumatic movement of the chamber with a safety hydraulic brake
  • Pneumatic moving guides at the infeed
  • Infeed conveyor belt with electronically adjustable speed
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Stainless steel lid
  • Automatic lid closure
  • Electricity: 208V / 3 Ph / 60 Hz
  • Machine Dimensions: 2935mm x 1300mm x 1950mm
  • Machine Weight: 2,050 lbs
  • Roots vacuum booster unit (500 – 1,000 m3/h)
  • Ribbed conveyor belt
  • Pneumatic scrap cutter
  • Scrap cutter with serrated blade
  • Bag holding device inside the chamber
  • ST-80 automatic dip tank
  • DT-80 drier tunnel