Reepack ReeBasic

Automatic tray sealers are a favorite for businesses needing more efficient packaging and sealing, from foods to pharmaceuticals to consumer goods. These machines can package your products swiftly with a variety of film materials adhered to various tray options.

The ReeBasic Automatic Tray Sealer is the perfect combination of low consumption and a compact footprint – there is no compressed air required. This machine offers the ability to do straight seal or MAP with a maximum tray dimension of 270mm x 360mm, all in a hygienic design for easy washdown.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Maximum tooling dimensions: 270mm x 360mm
  • Straight seal or MAP applications
  • Estimated cycles per minute: 8
  • Sealing unit driven by electrical motor (single sealing station)
  • Reepack electronic PLC panel with 10 programs
  • Asynchronous driven motor with inverter for both chain and vacuum chamber motion
  • Reel unit for film unwind
  • Fixed bottom vacuum chamber
  • 500mm out-feed with rolls
  • Busch 40m3/h vacuum pump
  • Electricity: 3Ph / 230V / 60Hz
  • Machine Dimensions: 2580mm x 905mm x 1640mm
  • CSA Certification
  • Busch 60m3/h vacuum pump
  • Photo-cell for printed films
  • Liquid and powder filter
  • Tray de-nester (stand-alone)
  • Various electrical supply
  • Micro-perforation for fresh applications
  • Automatic step-by-step outfeed
  • Easy open tabs
  • Rounding sealing plate
  • Motorized rotary table