Reepack ReeFlow 50

The ReeFlow 50 series are fully electric Servo driven flow wrappers for high quality, precise, and high production capabilities. Rotative single or double 250mm jaws allows for a production speed up to 200 ppm. With a driven reel shaft for film up to 650mm (or 800mm with 350mm jaws) and automatic film tensioning which allows you to run even the thinnest of films, you can be sure that these machines will efficiently process your products.

7” coloured touch screen display and programmable settings make these flow wrapping machines easy to use with little training required. This easy clean stainless steel flow wrapper comes with a robust lugged infeed.

Flow wrapping is ideal for a variety of items such as baked goods, produce, meats, and even some medical equipment. Whether you have a small-production business or manufacture large quantities of products, we have a variety of flow wrap machines that will fit your needs.

  • Machine Dimensions: 4370x1460x1850mm
  • Max film speed: 40m/min
  • Max product height: 85mm/125mm
  • Max film reel width: 650mm/800mm
  • Infeed conveyor: Lugged infeed
  • Outfeed conveyor length: 900mm
  • Sealing jaw size: 250mm/350mm
  • 7” Touch screen panel
  • 350mm sealing jaws
  • Left-handed version
  • Fixed or adjustable folding box
  • Automatic opening of sealing rollers
  • Upper belt
  • Barrette product support
  • Double jaws
  • Modified atmosphere
  • Different sealing texture/width