Reepack ReeForm T45

A high-performance thermoforming machine for high production output. The ReeForm T45 is a custom-built unit with the flexibility of adding various auxiliary features making it suitable for a wide variety of modern packaging solutions. Manufactured with a stainless-steel frame for better sanitation in full washdown environments. A user-friendly control panel provides users with access to straight-forward setting and recording of various programs, allowing for maximum flexibility with respect to different packaging formats and products.

The ReeForm T45 can process flexible and semi-rigid films up to 900 microns thick with a film width of up to 560mm. Maximum forming depth is 120mm and maximum cut-off is up to 460mm.

The processing stations are electric in motion, allowing for good energy savings as well as minimum maintenance. Air pressure is only required for the forming and sealing stations.

  • Machine Length: Variable according to configuration
  • Machine Height: Variable according to configuration
  • Machine Width: Variable according to configuration
  • Bottom Film: Up to 560mm
  • Cut-off Length: Up to 460mm
  • Product Loading Area: Variable according to configuration
  • Free Positions: Variable according to configuration
  • Thermoforming Depth: Max. 130mm (Option for 150mm)
  • Maximum Film Thickness: 900um / 35mil
  • Machine Cycles: 8-12cycles / minute
  • Forming with heat, air pressure, and vacuum
  • Outfeed chute
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)
  • Vacuum skin packaging
  • Film trim accumulation via rewind or vacuum
  • Photo-cell registration for printed top films
  • Automatic chain lubrication
  • Water chilling unit
  • Upgraded pumps
  • Automatic outfeed conveyor
  • Contour sealing
  • Remote diagnostics