Reepack ReeMarket

Automatic tray sealers are a favorite for supermarkets and production floors needing highly efficient packaging and sealing in a compact environment. These machines offer a variety of film materials that adhere to various tray options.

The ReeMarket Automatic Tray Sealer is a compact sealer with 3 independent processing chambers, meaning 3 times the production speed with options for separate production lines. Discover the best combination of compact design, low cost of ownership and flexibility. The ReeMarket is suitable for most pre-formed tray applications, including MAP, SKIN, and PRO-SKIN.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Machine dimensions: 2946 x 1337 x 1709mm
  • Length free loading area: 550 mm
  • Height free loading area: 880 - 910 mm
  • Machine main movements: Electromechanical
  • Microprocessor: PLC-Siemens with 10 programs
  • Control panel: Touchscreen
  • Vacuum pump: 40 m3/h
  • Electrical supply: 3Ph / 230V / 60Hz
  • Electrical power: Max 11 Kw / 27 A
  • Busch 60m3/h vacuum pump
  • Busch 100m3/h vacuum pump
  • Photocell for printed films
  • Liquid and powder filter
  • Tray de-nester stand-alone
  • Set of shelves to store diesets
  • ReeNEXT compatibility
  • 2 extra PLC connections for other equipment
  • Micro-perforation for fresh applications
  • Automatic step-by-step outfeed
  • Easy open tabs
  • Rounding sealing plate
  • Motorized rotary table