Reepack ReeMatic 150

The ReeMatic 150 is a single die-set automatic tray sealer with options for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and vacuum skin packaging applications. These units can come equipped with a single or multi-lane infeed conveyor with motor-driven chains supported by pushing rods to guy trays. These units have optimally controlled speed to adapt to any type of tray, specific product, or production environment.

Food-grade stainless steel washdown construction provides the highest level of sanitization to meet strict facility requirements. Electrical motion of the bottom vacuum chamber combined with pneumatic sealing and cutting in the upper part creates the most efficient and reliable packaging output with the lowest maintenance cost on the market. The ReeMatic 150 also doesn’t consume much compressed air, providing you savings on both power consumption and general maintenance.

  • Max dimensions: 6820 x 1040 x1815 mm
  • Infeed conveyor length: 1000 – 4000mm
  • Length free loading area: 1285 - 3940 mm
  • No. of trays to load: 2 - 8
  • Height free loading area: 915 - 960 mm
  • Max diameter web roll: 280 mm
  • Diameter of web roll mandrel: 76 mm (3'')
  • Microprocessor Control: PLC-Siemens
  • Control panel: Touchscreen
  • Vacuum pump: 100 m3/ h
  • Electrical supply: 3Ph / 230V / 60Hz
  • Compressed Air: 7 Nl / c.
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Photocell for printed film
  • Busch 200m3/h vacuum pump
  • Busch 300m3/h vacuum pump
  • Liquid filter and powder
  • Support for film printing device
  • Special carrier rods for tray
  • Extension for infeed belt
  • Single lane conveyer
  • Tray de-nester
  • Snap on lid unit
  • Vibrating unit
  • Different electrical supply
  • Control and link to external equipment
  • Connection for centralized vacuum system