VacPack 3040

Snorkel vacuum sealers are highly versatile and easy to use when it comes to sealing your larger sized or liquid products in bags. Compared to other vacuum sealers, the snorkel vacuum does not have a chamber. Instead, it uses a nozzle to evacuate air from your package and seal products securely inside.

Plexpack’s VacPack series are robust, stainless steel food grade sealers that create vacuum and gas flushed seal bags for a wide range of package sizes, including extra wide products and the ability to seal bags up to 12mil thick (6mil maximum when gusseted).

  • Seal Bar Length: 30”
  • Ejector style vacuum pump
  • Modified atmosphere packaging via displacement
  • ¼” Seal width
  • 5.7” colour touchscreen controller with single point setting for pressure and time, cycle counter, recipe management and selection as well as diagnostics and background monitoring of key processes and components to prevent machine damage or product loss
  • 5” throat depth
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Tested to ANSI/PMMI B-155.1-2016
  • All parts UL/CSA approved
  • Electricity: 115-230V / 15A / 16Hz
  • Machine Weight: 138 lbs
  • 3/8” seal width
  • Additional stainless steel nozzles
  • Various custom options available